Peikko delivers 4.2 kilometers of DELTABEAM® to the university hospital extension in Tampere, Finland

Peikko Group’s Finnish subsidiary Peikko Finland Oy has received a substantial order for 4.2 kilometers of DELTABEAM® Composite Beams to the D wing extension of Tampere University Hospital. The deliveries have started in April 2016 and will continue until spring 2017. In addition to the beams, Peikko delivers large amounts of connection items to the concrete constructions. The D wing will be taken into use in January 2020. 

“We are delighted that DELTABEAM® has been chosen to the D wing’s frame solution. DELTABEAM® offers clear benefits in hospital projects; long spans offer flexible layout possibilities throughout the building’s life-cycle and the slim-floor structure leaves plenty of space for all technical installations needed in a hospital”, says Esa Rusila, Managing Director of Peikko Finland Oy.

The new D wing comprises 27.000 m2 in nine stories. It will be built on the same location as the current old D wing in the front yard of the hospital complex. The D wing will house among others prenatal and newborn care, vascular surgery, interventional radiology, laboratory sampling and the main entrance of the hospital. SRV is the general contractor for the project. The architectural design has been made by Uki Arkkitehdit and Tähti-Set and the structural design by A-Insinöörit Rakenne. 


Further information:
Esa Rusila, Managing Director, Peikko Finland Oy, tel. 0500 844 063,
email: [email protected] 

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DELTABEAM® is Peikko’s composite slim-floor system for multi-storey buildings of any kind. It allows flexibility for layout changes throughout the service life of the building, and enables easy HVAC installations. With the use of DELTABEAM® the depth of the whole structure can be reduced, which means savings in construction time and costs as well as in heating and cooling costs. DELTABEAM® enables different kinds of cantilevers and architecturally challenging façade solutions without the use of in-situ casting. 

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