Peikko to deliver 1.2 km of Deltabeams to a shopping mall project in Czech Republic

Peikko Group’s Czech subsidiary Peikko Czech Republic s.r.o. has received a substantial order for Deltabeams to the large regional Šantovka development project in Olomouc, eastern Czech Republic. The deliveries consist of 1.2 kilometres of Deltabeams to a shopping mall which will be finished by end of the year. 

Šantovka multifunctional scheme is located in central Olomouc on a site area of a former factory amounting to nearly 11 hectares. It will be developed in several phases into a new city district consisting of a shopping mall, offices and residential apartments. The shopping mall Galerie Šantovka represents the first phase. The investor of the project is SMC Development a.s. The project is developed by DANDREET a.s., the main contractor is Metrostav a.s., the structural designer is De Bondt s.r.o., and the architects are Benoy Ltd. and ATELIER 8000 s.r.o. 

"We are happy that Peikko’s Deltabeams were chosen to the first phase of this substantial development project. The Deltabeam concept gives benefits in the building process such as cost-competitiveness, flexibility and speed of construction. In this particular project, with the use of Deltabeam the depth of the whole structure could be reduced, which results in savings in construction time and costs as well as in heating and cooling costs during the entire life-cycle of the building.” comments Topi Paananen, CEO of Peikko Group Corporation. 


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