Akson Business Tower, Aarhus, Denmark

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Column shoes solve structural challenges in high-rise buildings.

Akson Business Tower is a part of the urban development project in Aarhus. It is a 26-storey building that contains office leases and state-of-the-art shared facilities, which include a conference center with a lounge area and fitness facilities.

The project was originally designed with a large number of massive and heavily reinforced slab elements, which had the purpose of retaining columns and walls as tension and compression bars, but A. Enggard, being in charge of the construction, chose instead to use column shoes from Peikko. With column shoes, moment-stiff joints are achieved which enable the columns to absorb horizontal loads, without the use of side supports. This saves man-hours as well as space on the construction site.

The material consumption will also be reduced in the form of smaller amounts of concrete and steel, as ordinary hollowcore slabs can be used instead of the massive, and heavily reinforced slab elements.

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Proje Bilgileri

Proje Boyutu:
37.000 m2
Kat Adedi:
A. Enggard A/S
Yapımcı Firma:
A. Enggard A/S
Yapısal Tasarımcı:
Aart Architects A/S
Prekast Firması:
A/S Boligbeton
Teslim Tarihi:
Tamamlanma Tarihi:

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