Car Park Altstadtquartier, Germany

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DELTABEAM® synergistically partnered with prestressed floor slabs, delivering both swift assembly across expansive spans and compliance with fire protection prerequisites.

Especially for parking decks, the imperative of creating substantial column clearance is evident. The integration of prestressed floor slabs facilitates achieving this objective while maintaining a notably low overall height for spans reaching up to 8.35 meters. Moreover, this construction methodology inherently ensures fire protection without necessitating supplementary cladding or coatings.

Central support for the prestressed element slabs was a sole requirement, streamlining the construction process for rapid implementation. To this end, the DELTABEAM® Composite Beams were adeptly positioned at an incline and thoughtfully coated, further enhancing their functionality.

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Proje Bilgileri

Proje Boyutu:
4500 m2
Kat Adedi:
Altstadtquartier GmbH
Yapımcı Firma:
Riedel Bau GmbH & Co. KG Schweinfurt
Yapısal Tasarımcı:
A.R.T. GmbH
Mimar: GmbH
Prekast Firması:
Jagemann GmbH & Klebl GmbH
Teslim Tarihi:
Tamamlanma Tarihi:

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