Car Park Stoosbahn Schlattli, Schwyz, Switzerland

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Easy parking at the world's steepest funicular railroad with DELTABEAM®

Peikko was already able to supply the first DELTABEAM® composite beams for the Stoosbahn car park in 2017. DELTABEAM® is also used for the extension.

It was extended by three floors with 131 additional parking spaces. A total of 551 parking spaces for cars are now available. There are only two columns in the car park at the ramps, otherwise the parking garage is column-free. Together with the smooth slab soffits thanks to DELTABEAM®, this enables comfortable parking and facilitates getting in and out of the car park.     

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BSS Architekten AG, Schwyz
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Bolfing AG, Schwyz
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CES Bauingenieur AG
BSS Architekten AG, Schwyz
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