Glenbeigh Records Management, Dubai, UAE

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Tam Ekran Kapat

Glenbeigh Records Management's facility in Dubai World Central area offers state-of-the-art storage solutions and advanced security systems guaranteed to protect corporate information assets. The perfect flooring solution for the building was delivered by Peikko's TERAJOINT® systems.

Proje Bilgileri

Proje Boyutu:
6 500 m2
Proje Boyutu:
70 000 ft2
Glenbeigh Records Management (GRM)
Yapımcı Firma:
Glenbeigh Construction/Fars Al Mazrooei Contracting LLC
Yapısal Tasarımcı:
Glenbeigh Construction
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Nirajuthan Selvarajah

Nirajuthan Selvarajah

Project Manager


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