Ivanplats Vent Tunnel

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The project is located on the Northern Limb of the Bushveld Igneous Complex in Limpopo Province, approximately 280 km northeast of Johannesburg and just eight km away from the town of Mokopane.

It harbors a valuable underground deposit consisting of thick mineralization of platinum-group metals, nickel, copper, and gold.

This particular project stands out as it marks the pioneering utilization of Peikko products and solutions within the South African mining industry.

The initial advantage lies in the incorporation of Peikko Anchor Bolts and Column Shoes into precast concrete planks, which serve as permanent formwork and seamlessly connect with the reinforced concrete cavity infill. By employing this approach, the project significantly minimizes the need for temporary support during the construction phase.

Another notable benefit is the ease and swiftness of installing the precast planks on-site, allowing for efficient progress. In comparison to the conventional cast-in-situ construction method, Peikko's solution saves a substantial amount of time, estimated to be around 8 months. Additionally, the projected cost savings for this period are estimated to be Euro 8 million.

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Peikko’s solution for this project eased the method of construction and assisted in achieving overall time and cost savings.

This is not the first project that Stefanutti Stock’s team have worked with Peikko South Africa.  We are very happy with the Peikko team’s cooperation, and high level of professionalism in making this project a success for our company and for the client.

At present, we are engaged with Peikko South Africa team in other project opportunities currently at the tender stage.

Mike Stevenson, Contracts Director - Civils, Stefanutti Stocks (Pty) Ltd

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1,500 m2
Ivanhoe Mines
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Stefanutti Stocks
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Stefanutti Stocks
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