Ricola Herb Center, Laufen, Switzerland

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Efficient combination of prefabricated earth and concrete elements.

HERBS TAKE CENTER STAGE AT RICOLA. The simple yet eye-catching new building with its untreated clay façade highlights the fact that the sustainable processing of herbs is a core competence of the world-famous brand.

At the Ricola Herb Center, 250 tons are dried, cut, blended and stored annually. They are then processed into candy in the high-tech production plant next door.

The assembly went smoothly. The anchor bolts were precisely installed, so there were no problems erecting the columns.

This system saves half an hour of setting up props on each one. This allowed us to continue working directly. Assembly time is pure money

Gerhard Enderle, MÜLLER-STEINAG

Proje Bilgileri

Proje Boyutu:
3000 m2
Ricola AG, Laufen, Switzerland
Yapımcı Firma:
Priora Generalunternehmung AG, Kloten
Yapısal Tasarımcı:
Schnetzer Puskas AG, Basel
Herzog & de Meuron
Prekast Firması:
Teslim Tarihi:
Tamamlanma Tarihi:

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